Sénalia group

European leader in agri-logistics, Sénalia divides its activities between upstream and downstream logistics solutions dedicated to export and agribusiness.
Each performance is specific. The Sénalia teams operate from the group's facilities, in co-investment or in delivery in the structures of its partners.

Total turnover 39,331 K €

The 2022/2023 campaign ended with a slight decline in volume (6709 Kt vs 6909 Kt at N-1) due to a slowdown in industrial logistics activity.

As of June 30, 2023, the volumes of the grain export campaign are stable overall with no strong variation in products, more than 4Mt of cereals have been loaded. The grain export activity accounted for 61% of the year's volumes.
Industrial logistics activity represents 2,648 Kt of goods handled in the bulk supply chains of partner agro-industrial companies.
GQ Logistics' warehousing business grew very strongly: +23% in pallets handled and turnover up 60%.
The campaign ended with a volume of 6709 Kt (compared to 6909 Kt at N-1).
It should be noted that turnover increased by 12% to more than €39 million.
The Sénalia group is organized to face all the logistical challenges serenely in the service of its Union of Co-ops, the grain export sector and its agro-industrial partners.
For more information, refer to the 2022/2023 campaign sheets

The group relies on its members who represent nearly 60% of the French collection of cereals, proven know-how and equipment and on a solid financial structure.

Our values

5 values are at the heart of Sénalia's operations.
Everyone agrees to respect them and to adopt the resulting behaviors vis-à-vis his colleagues, his manager, management, customers and partners.


"European leader, the performance of the Sénalia Group is recognized beyond our borders. Sénalia aims to maintain the position of the French industry on the European market and to continuously improve the quality of service delivery to its partners . industrial
Senalia must increase its performance based on the two pillars that make its strength: the men and women who compose and facilities. "


"Respect is the basis of the relationships that each of us has with colleagues, managers, directors, as well as the customers and partners of the Sénalia Group. Let
us respect ourselves, respect schedules, our commitments, safety rules, our premises, our equipment… "


"In a changing economic context, the Sénalia Group must be a source of proposals with regard to the sector and its industrial partners. We expect you to be a source of proposals, all ideas must be studied and analyzed if they improve our performance. "

Sens of Service

"Service provider, the Sénalia Group wants to maintain a partnership relationship with all of its stakeholders. The Sénalia Group listens to the expectations of its partners and customers in order to meet their needs together. needs."

Team spirit

"Convinced that the future is built together, Sénalia wants to develop a team spirit between its employees and its partners. Let us support each day in a co-responsible approach."


Sénalia is committed to ensuring that the handling operations carried out on its sites or on partner sites are organized with a permanent search for innovative solutions for more quality, safety and better consideration of the environment.


The Sénalia group is committed to limiting upstream transport by developing shared river solutions. These scheduled and regular logistical resources allow optimized pricing and limit the environmental impact of transport.

Sénalia was selected among the 21 climate initiatives carried by HAROPA in the field of transport and logistics.


The quality systems of the Sénalia group guarantee compliance with the highest requirements.
Specific standards can be set up according to the requirements of the sectors.

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5 sites

Located upstream and downstream of Rouen, on the right bank and the left bank of the Seine.