The quality expertise deployed on the sites adapts to regulatory standards and specific requirements.
900000 Tons
On 6 sites
The storage infrastructures (vertical and horizontal) offer a total capacity of 900,000 tonnes spread over 6 sites.

Inspection upon receipt

Systematic approval by transport unit received (truck, train, barge or container)

Storage and preservation

Horizontal or vertical storage
Fragile and sensitive products (cocoa, fertilizer, etc.) Storage
conditions by material (thermometry, ventilation, etc.)


Segregation according to goods and according to measured characteristics, varieties, origins or certifications
Separation of flows (organic, GMO, etc.)


Quick and easy access to batch identification data by origin and by delivery person.
Traceability ensured after reconditioning
Inventory monitoring / material accounting

A Propos

Sénalia Céréales Export Presqu'ile Elie _ navire et péniche
Sénalia leader européen de l’agro-logistique répartit ses activités entre les solutions de logistiques amont et aval dédiées à l’exportation et à l’agro-industrie.