Transports organization

Mutualised solutions

As part of the partnership between Sénalia and Davenne, a subsidiary of the Group
upstream river shuttles provide deliverers with scheduled and regular pooled logistics resources.
This organization allows optimized pricing and limits the environmental impact of transport.

Customs and transit department

Sénalia integrates a Customs and transit service, AEO approved for Customs and security.
Placed at the heart of information circuits, it offers flexibility and processing times are optimized by centralized processing on a single operator.

A Propos

Sénalia Céréales Export Presqu'ile Elie _ navire et péniche
Sénalia leader européen de l’agro-logistique répartit ses activités entre les solutions de logistiques amont et aval dédiées à l’exportation et à l’agro-industrie.