We support the upstream phases of your strategic thinking to offer you the best logistics models

Our expertise in operations, quality system and information system, identify the key success factors to build an efficient global solution.

Equipe solutions

Agricultural & agro-industrial logistics expertise

  • Definition of the logistics model (Equipment, process and management rules)
  • Setting up our information system to your requirements and interfacing with your ERP
  • Adaptation of our QUALITY SYSTEM to the requirements of your standards
  • TECHNICAL and SAFETY training for your operators

Logistics expertise with importers

  • Management of port terminals and storage sites
  • Optimization of logistics flows on land and at sea
  • Securing supplies

Advice to governments

  • Agro-industrial and logistical organization and infrastructure
  • Food security policy

A Propos

Sénalia Céréales Export Presqu'ile Elie _ navire et péniche
Sénalia leader européen de l’agro-logistique répartit ses activités entre les solutions de logistiques amont et aval dédiées à l’exportation et à l’agro-industrie.