L’activité reste stable

Sénalia provides logistics services for SAIPOL. Rapeseed arrives by truck, train or barge. Rapeseed is stored then delivered to the Saipol plant.

The volumes of rapeseed input have decreased : 927 KT versus 947 KT on the last campaign. The output volumes represent a total of 1 212 KT whereas on the last campaign, they were reaching 1,256 KT.

2 139 KT had been handled on the 2017/2018 campaign.

Despite a more-than-3-weeks production shutdown on the site of Saipol, the activity remains steady.

The outputs were made at 50 % by rail and 50 % by river.




In order to eliminate CO² emissions from truck rotations and improve safety of operations, there is a direct link between unloading the vessel and storing rapeseed.

Business manager : Yannick Josse