Provenance : 1-Centre Val de Loire- 2-Normandie – 3-Ile de France – 4-Hauts-de-France

For Sénalia, 2,7 MT were loaded during the campaign, following a low year of de 1,82 MT.

2017/2018 has been a satisfying campaign for cereal export with more than 2,7 MT exported from Rouen and Grand-Couronne.

Products :

Grain Export activity is dominated by milling wheat whose volumes had tripled with 1,594 MT. Sénalia confirms its biggest logistic operator position for the barley on the Port of Rouen.

Malting barley is growing up enjoying the quality of the infrastructures that allow a storage by customer and variety. Finally, it’s 782 KT of feed barley and 195 KT of malting barley who were loaded during this Campaign.





Destinations :

Algeria confirms its position as the leader importer of French wheat with 44,5 % of the volumes exported from Senalia’s facilities. With EU (14,9%), Morocco (13,9 %), Saudi Arabia (7,7%) and Tunisia (7,6%) they represent 90% of the total volumes.


Milestones on this campaign :

 – Takeover of invivo shares in MAGESTIV’s: (Freight forwarder). The team dedicated to the exploitation of train and barge systems is strengthen by MAGESTIV’s expertise.

 – The Integration of a customs and transit service offers an « all inclusive » performance lost saving and reactive

 – Important investment realised this year on the site of Grand-Couronne : the replacement of 3 pylons by 3 new shiploaders.





This site is now the only one in the port of Rouen who is capable to load Panamax type boats in the depth limite allowed by the channel. These shiploaders enable a loading of 3 000 KT per hour without any dust emanation.

Another investment, the approval on the site of the Presqu’Ile Elie passes from 2 to 3 tracks, which allows to fluidize the traffic and the authorizer to control visually the merchandise.

Grain export director: Alain Charvillat

Grain exports logistics manager: Christophe Lemelle

The grain exports business is carried out by the sites of Presqu’île Elie, Grand-Couronne, Val de la Haye, Bonnières-sur-Seine